Botany Wellness

Additional Services


At WellCare, we are here to provide you with Telehealth services to fit your needs. We provide care for both primary care and urgent care needs. Do you need a new primary care provider? Do you need lab testing ordered? Did you strain your back? We can help manage these needs and more. Here are some examples of issues that we routinely manage:

- Primary / Preventative care management 

- Acute illness 

- Anxiety **

- Depression

- ADHD evaluation and management 

- Fatigue

- Migraines

- Medical weight loss assistance 

- High blood pressure

- High cholesterol

- PrEP initiation and management 

- Rashes and skin problems

- Acute and chronic pain issues **

- Diabetes management 

- Evaluations for potential specialist referrals 

The list goes on and on! If you would like to know if we can address a specific issue or concern, please reach out!

**We do not prescribe narcotic / controlled medications for pain or anxiety