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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Telehealth?

Telehealth is healthcare provided through a virtual outlet. When you have an appointment at WellCare, you will connect with our provider via video call. You will have a face-to-face visit just like if you were in a medical office, only without needing to leave the comfort of your home! You may be asked to show your provider specific areas of concern (like a skin rash or joint swelling) or perform movements or tests as needed so that your concerns can be evaluated as thoroughly as possible. Your provider can evaluate, diagnose, and treat you with this visit.
What health problems can be treated via Telehealth?

A long list of health problems can be effectively treated and managed via Telehealth. At WellCare, we specialize in the management of primary care and urgent care issues, but we also manage and treat many other common problems. For a more thorough list of problems that we address please see our Services page. Don't see a specific problem listed? Feel free to reach out and ask us!
How can I be appropriately evaluated without an in-person visit?

There are many ways for us to complete a thorough evaluation of you and your health concerns with just a video call. We gain a lot of necessary information just from talking to you and asking the right questions. We can evaluate musculoskeletal issues by having you perform certain movements or physical tasks. We can typically visualize things like rashes, skin lesions, swelling, etc. well via video call, but we may ask you to send us a picture of an area of concern if we aren't seeing it quite clearly enough. For certain issues we may need you to be able to accurately check your blood pressure, heart rate, weight, or temperature at home. If we encounter an issue that does need an in-person evaluation we will help direct you to the proper place to have this done.
How do I schedule an appointment?

You can schedule an appointment by clicking "REQUEST APPOINTMENT" at the top of this page.

If you do not see a day or time that works for you, or, if you have an urgent need over the weekend, please send us a text at 913-213-1352. We try our best to be accommodating and available when you need care.
Who will I be seeing for my appointment?

When you schedule an appointment with WellCare, you will be seeing our lead provider and owner, Jaclyn Whitlock. Jaclyn is a board certified family nurse practitioner with a wealth of experience. You can read a little more about her in our About page.
How do I connect to my Telehealth visit?

Once you schedule an appointment, you will be sent a link for a video call. Click on this link a few minutes before your appointment time and follow the prompts to get to your video call. If you have any trouble just text us at 913-213-1352. Step by step instructions: - Click on the video call link a few minutes before your appointment - Enter your name when prompted - Click on Request Permissions to activate your camera and microphone - Click on Allow to allow use of your camera and microphone for your appointment - Click on Knock to let your provider know that you have arrived - Your provider will let you into the video call as soon as they are ready
Do You Accept Insurance?

Not yet, but we plan to start accepting major insurance plans later in 2023. Until then, we are self-pay only. See our Cost / Payments section for more information.
What if I have a problem or question after my visit?

It is easy to reach out to us if you have a problem or question after your visit! You can send us a secure message through your patient portal account, or you can text us at 913-213-1352 (please do not include any private health information in text messages). We try our best to respond to all messages within 24 hours.
Who can be seen at WellCare?

We see adults age 18 and older. You must be physically in the state of Kansas at the time of your appointment (you will verify this verbally at the time of your appointment).
Can I get a prescription from my WellCare visit?

Yes, we can prescribe medications during your visit as indicated. Prescriptions will be sent electronically and must be sent to a Kansas pharmacy. We do not prescribe controlled / narcotic medications for pain or anxiety.
What are your hours?

We are available for appointments and questions daily from 9 AM to 7 PM, however, our evening and weekend hours are intended for urgent needs. If you feel like you have an urgent issue, please reach out. If you have an urgent need between 7 PM and 9 AM, we recommend reaching out to the AdventHealth NurseLine at (913)676-7777. If you are ever experiencing a possible medical emergency please call 911.